Hunter Biden says ‘hell broke loose’ after texts exposed fling with Beau's widow – but is silent on baby mama stripper

HUNTER Biden says "all hell broke loose" after his wife found text messages that exposed his secret affair with the widow of his late brother Beau.

The 51-year-old recounts in his new memoir, Beautiful Things, how his relationship with Hallie Biden began shortly after Beau's death from brain cancer in 2015 – and how his wife at the time, Kathleen, discovered the fling, leading to their divorce.

Hunter says that in the wake of his brother's death, aged just 46, he and Hallie formed a "shared-tavails bond".

Citing marital troubles at the time, Hunter said he would routinely confide in Hallie about his struggles with Kathleen, rather than further burdening his father, Joe Biden, who was then Vice President to Barack Obama.

While Hunter struggled to cope with Beau's death, he went on a 14-day crack cocaine binge in Arizona while "at his lowest" in 2016.

He called Hallie to come pick him up and take him back home to Delaware because he "didn't trust" himself to make the journey back alone, without embarking on another drugs binge.

"She flew out the next day," Hunter recounts in his book. "I was at my lowest, she was at her neediest and we clung to each other with abandon.

"We talked about how much we had come to rely on one another, how our health and well-being seemed dependent on the love we'd grown to share."

By the time they'd arrived back in Delaware later the same week, Hunter said he and Hallie were "no longer just two people bound by grief. We were a couple."

The Top Five Most Shocking Revelations in Hunter's Book:

  • Began an affair with his brother’s wife after he wanted ‘to help her kids'
  • Was 8 when he first tried booze at his dad’s Senate party
  • Learned how to cook crack in Chateau Marmont bungalow hanging out with strippers & junkies after divorce
  • Doesn't remember meeting the ex-stripper who gave birth to his child
  • Convinced "reluctant" dad Joe Biden to support his relationship with Hallie

Characterizing their unlikely union as "star-crossed", Hunter said he and Hallie were determined to make a go of things when they returned home, but ultimately they decided to keep seeing one another secretly.

"That didn't last long," Hunter writes of their attempts to keep their fling under wraps.

Hunter said their relations were quickly uncovered by Kathleen, who had found texts exchanged between the two lovers on an old iPad he'd left behind at home.

"That gave her the gift of justification: I was the sicko sleeping with my brother’s wife," Hunter writes of Kathleen. "Everything blew up after that."

Within months, Kathleen filed for divorce from Hunter and in February, 2017, filed a motion to freeze all of his assets as part of the separation proceedings.

"It was leaked to Page Six, the gossip sheet of the New York Post," Hunter writes of the motion, appearing to allude to the idea Kathleen was responsible for the leak.

"A week later, the news leaked that Hallie and I were dating."

Hunter said he was approached by a reporter to confirm whether or not he was dating Hallie.

"I said, honestly that Hallie and I were 'incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time," Hunter recounts.

Seeking to gain control over the narrative, Hunter said he then had to convince his father to give his public approval over his relationship with Hallie for the sake of his grandchildren.

"I asked my dad to make a statement … as a way to break it to the rest of our family," Hunter writes.

"'Dad', I told him, 'if people find out, but they think you’re not approving of this, it make it seem wrong. The kids have to know there’s nothing wrong with this, and the one person who can tell them that is you.'"

Hunter described his father as being "reluctant" at the time, but eventually agreed to do whatever his son "thought was best."

In a subsequent statement just one month after leaving the vice president's office, Joe Biden told the press: "We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness.

"They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them.”

While Joe's affirmations of support were meant to be the beginning of his and Hallie's relationship, Hunter instead described the tabloid frenzy that ensued as being the "beginning of the end".

"Our lives of quiet desperation were suddenly on full display. I was madly trying to hold on to a slice of my brother, and I think Hallie was doing the same," he writes.

Hunter and Hallie tried to salvage their relationship by moving out of the "fishbowl" of Delaware to Annapolis, but after Hunter slipped back into drug use, the couple eventually "called it quits" at the beginning of 2018.

"For Hallie I was a contestant reminder of what she once had and then lost,"Hunter writes. "The life I was living was the antithesis of the life my brother had provided her.

"I was in the throes of addiction. I was hardly present. I refused to be around when I was using because I didn’t want her or the kids to be exposed to it. 

"It felt like a failure of epic proportions. Our relationship had begun as mutually desperate grasping for the love we had both lost, and its dissolution only deepened that tragedy."

In the months that followed his divorce, Hunter recounts in Beautiful Things how his life spiralled into a state of "non-stop depravity", including learning how to cook crack cocaine in his LA home, and partying 24/7 with a bevvy or strippers, thieves and gangsters.

It was during this tumultuous period in his life that Biden met Lunden Alexis Roberts, a stripper in Washington DC, though he says he has "no recollection" of ever meeting her.

Hunter and Roberts had sexual relations, and she gave birth to his child – though he initially attempted to deny he was the father.

"I'm not proud of it. It's why I would later challenge in court the woman from Arkansas who had a baby in 2018 and claimed the child was mine — I had no recollection of our encounter," he writes of Roberts.

"That's how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I've taken responsibility for." 

But the fact Biden was the father of this child was more than just a claim by the mom.

Independence County, Ark., Circuit Judge Holly Meyer issued an order in January 2020 establishing Hunter had fathered the woman's child. 

The order said that DNA tests made that fact clear. 

"[T]he results of the DNA tests indicate with near scientific certainty that the defendant is the biological father of the child in this case," the order said."

Hunter makes no direct mention of Roberts by name in his new book, nor does he reference the child they share together.

Hunter Biden's memoir, Beautiful Things, hit shelves on Tuesday.

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