I don't want people to have another Christmas spoiled by Boris Johnson's incompetence

This is a worrying time for working people across the country as they struggle to get to work, feed their families, and pay the bills.

But this chaos hasn’t come about by chance. It is a crisis made in Downing Street.

A crisis created by this Prime Minister’s incompetence.

The shortage of HGV drivers should not have been a surprise to the government.

I spoke to industry bosses this week who said they had been warning ministers for months. Boris Johnson knew this was coming. He had been warned.

I’ve heard so many heart-breaking stories over the past few days. On Friday I spoke to hardworking nurses who told me how this was adding to the stress they already felt.

If you are an essential worker who can’t get to work please remember it’s not you letting down the people you care for – it’s the Prime Minister who is letting us all down.

As ever, our military have stepped up when asked and we can’t thank them enough. But how has it got to a situation where we have to use the army to get basic supplies in this country?

We know we’re going to see this driver shortage problem coming back again in different sectors – especially food. And I don’t want people in this country to have another Christmas spoiled by this Prime Minister’s lack of planning. 

The government needs to get on with urgently issuing visas to fix the crisis now. We will support any emergency measures.

They also need to implement Labour’s plan to improve the pay, terms and conditions of workers in Britain.

Boris Johnson was warned about this crisis and he did nothing about it. He had the chance to make a plan but he didn’t do so.

Britain deserves better than this incompetence and total lack of leadership. 

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