Infected patients deliberately spreading coronavirus by ‘spitting on people’

Infected coronavirus victims in diseased Wuhan have been spitting in the faces of medics in a bid to spread the deadly bug, it has been claimed.

The shocking allegations come from Jessika Bailing, a South African teacher trapped in the crisis-hit city who is too "afraid to go outside."

She told Metro she was forced to leave only to get food and covered herself from "head-to-toe" to prevent any chance of contracting the lethal virus.

But the 23-year-old fears not all of those inside China are being as careful and shared shocking stories about infected people taking off their masks and spitting in doctors' faces.

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She told Metro: "I've heard shocking stories about infected people going out of their way to contaminate others by taking off their masks and spitting in doctors' faces.

"I saw one video of a man spitting on all of the buttons in an apartment elevator."

Jessika added: "We are all so scared to go outside, I avoided it for as long as I could.

"I went to do a supplies run, it was so terrifying.

"I covered myself from head-to-toe with gloves on my hands, glasses to cover my eyes and of course, my mask."

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There have been no official reports of people deliberately spreading the disease inside China but Daily Star Online has reported on the conditions in Wuhan.

Australian professional rollerblader Josh Nielson, 30, told Daily Star Online: "I'm surprised at how fast it all moved, three days ago we were being told to wear a mask and then yesterday the city being on lockdown after only being told to wear masks.

"I got told to stock up on food after I heard the city was locked down.

"I was sleeping at my apartment in Wuhan when they announced the lockdown would take place.”

"I'm OK but apparently you don't feel symptoms for 10 days."

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China confirmed cases nearly doubled in a day, with figures standing at 5, 974 cases and 132 deaths on Wednesday.

Outside China, Thailand is the country most affected by the disease with a total of 14 confirmed cases inside the country.

Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Vietnam, the USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Rubpublic of Korea, Nepal, Malaysia, Japan, France, Canada, Australia have all confirmed cases of the disease.

Despite mounting concerns the World Health Organisation has said it's confident in China's ability to contain the coronavirus.

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