Inside eerie £8million abandoned mansion filled with designer clothes & old luxury cars after owner dies in plane crash | The Sun

AN eerie £8million abandoned mansion filled with old luxury cars, designer clothes and even a creepy 12ft Christmas tree has been left to rot for years.

YouTubers Jeremy Abbott and BigBankz filmed their journey through the 10-bed property – and claimed it was deserted after the owner and his son tragically died in a plane crash.

The 30,000sq ft mega-mansion in the US boasts an indoor pool, outdoor sports complex, a four-car garage, a library, and even an elevator.

The explorers discovered a Land Rover parked outside the property, and a Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen Beetle in the garage.

Featuring an ornate gold-trimmed marble staircase in the hallway, the huge kitchen is still full of plates and expensive appliances, and the living room is still stacked with books.

They also stumbled across an eerie 12ft sparsely decorated Christmas tree, closets full of designer clothes and shoes, and expensive make-up.

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Abbott, who goes by JeremyXplores on YouTube, said: "The strangest things I found inside weren’t the luxury cars, the lush furniture, or even the flat-screen TVs.

"What I found so strange to be inside were the small items, like the designer clothes with the tags still on, or the Dior shoes in the closet, or perhaps the jewellery and mounds of expensive makeup in the bathroom.

"It makes no sense to me why these things were left behind, as they could have easily been packed up and transported out of the home whenever the family left."

Abbott said he stumbled across the 11-bathroom property while searching Google for rumoured abandoned mansions in the area – and claimed there was a tragic history behind the home.

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"The man who built this mansion was very accomplished, graduating from one of the nation’s finest medical schools," he said, New York Post reports.

"He became a surgeon, a father-of-four, and even a recreational pilot."

He didn't reveal the location of the house or the identity of the man – but said the dad started construction on the mansion in 2006.

But while the home was still being built, the man and one of his children reportedly died in a plane crash.

His wife and three surviving kids were left with no financial support after his death and they were forced to abandon their dream home, according to Abbott.

Abbott said his expedition was filled with sadness for the "family who had lived there and watched their dreams come crashing down along with the plane that killed their father and his son".

BigBankz claimed "a foreigner" lived in the house until 2015 when he reportedly returned home and stopped paying taxes on it.

The pair spent 11 hours exploring the house – and believe a homeless man is currently staying at the property as they heard footsteps when they arrived and the fridges were filled with bottled water.

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