Joe Biden accused of ‘loathing Brexit Britain’: ‘He instinctively connects it with Trump’

Afghanistan: Biden tells attackers 'we will hunt you down'

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US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson have pledged to continue the military evacuation effort from Afghanistan until the August 31 deadline. The news comes after two powerful bomb blasts hit the perimeter of Kabul airport, with at least 90 people killed and another 150 injured. 13 of those were US service personnel, the Pentagon confirmed.

The Prime Minister confirmed the “overwhelming majority” of those eligible have been helped out of Afghanistan, and British forces would “keep going until the last moment” to evacuate others.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden said in a speech last night that the US evacuation effort would “not be deterred by terrorists”.

He spoke of the attack, believed to have been carried out by an affiliate of the Islamic State group: “We will not forgive.

“We will not forget.

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“We will hunt you down and make you pay.”

Mr Biden is facing enormous pressure over his handling of the withdrawal.

It was reported last week that he ignored Mr Johnson’s calls for around 36 hours as the crisis worsened.

Douglas Murray, writing in the Daily Mail last year, said Mr Biden and the Democrat high command “loathe Brexit Britain”.

He said: “They believe that the Brexit movement had something to do with the election of Donald Trump – acting as some kind of forerunner. 

“They instinctively connect the two.

“And they also hold a contemptuous, furious and deeply anti-British attitude to everything to do with our future relationship.”

Mr Murray wrote “Joe Biden and his party are no friends of this country”.

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Former president Trump’s approval ratings rarely went above 25 percent in the UK during his time in charge, but there was always one certainty.

He was a friend of the UK and made it explicitly clear from the beginning that he favoured a huge trade deal with Brexit Britain.

Mr Murray continued: “For all his flaws, the President [Trump] has been a true supporter of this country.

“He wanted Brexit Britain and the United States to work well together and to prosper together.”

He said, despite much of the British public being glad at Trump’s departure, his exit will be a “bad day”.

He finished: “We will have lost a friend. At a time when we needed friends the most.”

The chances of a UK-US trade deal are seemingly receding.

Politico Europe recently reported the Prime Minister confronting Mr Biden over delaying the withdrawal from Afghanistan could be linked to the diminishing chances.

It said: “A trade deal is now so far on the backburner that contradicting the US on foreign policy might be seen to come with few consequences.”

Harry Boardman, an ex-trade negotiator under Bill Clinton, told the publication: “Reality must have sunk in.”

The UK has signed a free trade agreement with Japan, based on the EU trade partnership.

Mr Johnson’s team have also negotiated a landmark agreement with Australia, the first to be drafted from scratch, given Australia does not have a deal with the EU.

More trade deals are expected to follow in the coming months and years.

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