Just admit it! Angela Merkel told to be honest over compulsory vaccine plan

Angela Merkel discusses the delivery of vaccine doses to Ukraine

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As states across the world rush to vaccinate their populations, commentators have begun to lose patience with Mrs Merkel, claiming compulsory vaccinations will eventually be needed for all parts of society despite what she says. While some may refuse a vaccine, one commentator revealed it is becoming “clear” that in order for society to return to normal, compulsory vaccinations will be a requirement. In an attack against Mrs Merkel and her Health Minister Jens Spahn, RTL reporter and editor, Max Storr, called on the pair to finally be honest with the public.

Mr Storr said: “I inevitably ask myself: Why don’t they just state what should be clear to most of us anyway?

“There will be compulsory vaccination for those who have so far not wanted to be vaccinated voluntarily.

“The only question is whether it will come through the front or back door.”

In a press conference this week, Mr Spahn claimed those who are unvaccinated should not be surprised if they are unable to enjoy some elements of society.

However, Mr Spahn and the Chancellor have refused to introduce measures to enforce compulsory vaccinations in contrast to France.

Mr Storr said: “At the press conference, Mr Spahn and the Chancellor sometimes seem as if they are stepping on the accelerator and brake pedal at the same time when it comes to compulsory vaccinations.

“Their desire for a high vaccination rate is understandable and important.

“But I would like them to finally be clear: If you don’t get sick, a corona vaccination will be the only ticket back to normal life!”

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During her press conference, Mrs Merkel insisted the country will not make vaccines compulsory.

She instead pointed to maintaining social distancing rules and testing to stop a fourth wave of the virus.

Mrs Merkel said: “We have no intention of going down this road.

“There will be no compulsory vaccination.”

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In contrast, France has introduced measures forcing all healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated by September.

This new requirement will apply to doctors, nurses, office staff and volunteers – all those who don’t risk not being paid.

French President Emmanuel Macron has also said next month, health passes will be needed to be shown to access shops, bars, cinemas and long-distance train journeys.

Mr Macron said in a speech on Monday: “I am aware of what I am asking of you, and I know that you are ready for this commitment, this is part, in a way, of your sense of duty.

“It’s a new race against time.

“We need to push for a summer devoted to vaccinations.”

Currently, just over half of the population of France has received a first jab while a third have had both doses.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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