Killing ‘Columbus’ in NYC — anonymously

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Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter and Mayor Bill de Blasio say they weren’t in the loop for the decision by . . . someone . . . at the city Department of Education to cancel Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, but they’re good now, since in a “compromise” the holiday will also be Italian Heritage Day.

What hogwash.

The move rightly ignited a political firestorm, as anyone should have expected after the uproar a few years back when the mayor started trying to take down the Columbus Circle statue before cutting a rapid retreat. Heck, this new contretemps even gave beleaguered Gov. Andrew Cuomo a chance for some positive headlines.

It’s especially hard to believe that Porter wasn’t alerted: Even if the boss winds up OK with the results, staffers who expose her to such flak should be fired, or at least transferred to a remote basement office.

This is more than a needless slap at the Italian-American community: It’s a tribute to utterly absurd leftism, which mindlessly seeks to make Columbus the symbol of what it imagines to be evil Western civilization. Oh, and while assaulting the entire concept of great men (and women) altogether: Notice how the “compromise” still disses Columbus.

In short, several high DOE staff aimed to strike a blow for “social justice” without daring to take responsibility, and they’re getting away with it.

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