Labour in disarray as their own shadow cabinet can’t agree on whether four-day week policy applies to the NHS – The Sun

LABOUR divisions were laid bare as the shadow cabinet clashed over whether their four-day week policy would apply to the NHS.

The Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth — a leading moderate — said the NHS would be excluded from the 32-hour week plan.

But he was left humiliated just hours later when John McDonnell insisted it would be covered.

The split emerged as health experts warned the plan risked leaving hospital wards massively short-staffed.

Asked if the plans would apply to the NHS, Mr Ashworth laughed and dismissed the claim as “for the birds”.

He told BBC: “No, it’s not happening. There is not going to be a four-day week coming to the NHS.”

But just hours later, Mr McDonnell slapped him down while on stage next to him plugging Labour’s NHS policy.



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The Shadow Chancellor said: “It’s a 32-hour working week implemented over a ten-year period. It will apply to everybody.”

But Nigel Edwards, CEO of the health think-tank the Nuffield Trust, said: “There’s a finite pool of nurses and doctors, and we already don’t have enough staff time to go around.”

And research found that more than 40 new English hospitals would be needed if Labour followed through on its threat to kick private companies out of the NHS.

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