Letters to the Editor — Feb. 1, 2021

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The Issue: President Joe Biden’s executive order withdrawing approval for the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

There is absolutely no justification for shutting down the Keystone pipeline from Canada to the United States (“Green & ‘mean,’ ” Jan. 29).

Doing so kills thousands of jobs directly related to the construction of the pipeline itself, as well as along its path.

And the pipeline reduces dependence on unfriendly countries.

Despicably, the justification for the signing of this executive order, like most of the others, is the vindictive undoing of the previous administration’s accomplishments.

Gary Fleming, Wayne, NJ

After President Donald Trump’s job-creating administration created the lowest unemployment numbers for all Americans, we now have someone who has decided to reverse those gains as his first order of business.

Killing the Keystone pipeline not only destroys thousands of good union jobs, but also runs counter to the intent of making the United States “greener.”

Canadian oil will still flow, but in diesel-burning trains. Those thousands of pipeline workers and all those who are support personnel really don’t have alternative employment.

I guess Climate Czar John Kerry can use his private jet to ferry those pipeline workers to China, where they can build solar panels.

Bill Isler


To the voters of Pennsylvania who voted for President Joe Biden on the promise of no change in energy policy, talk to the 70,000 Keystone pipe­line workers whose jobs were eliminated with the stroke of a pen.

Consider the fact that the country is no longer energy-independent or the fact that gasoline and home-heating oil are already increasing.

Ask those voters in Pennsylvania how that’s working out for them.

Rolly A. Lessin

Staten Island

One of Biden’s first priorities as president was to cancel further construction of the Keystone XL pipeline for “environmental” reasons. Welcome to the gravy train, Joe. But how will the oil be moved? And it will be moved.

Biden’s new climate czar, John Kerry, purchased a new-to-him $ 12 million mansion next to his buddy President Barack Obama’s mansion in 2017. Where are these monuments to climate change? On the “rapidly” rising sea coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

Under the Biden administration, ask yourself this question on what will happen first: a bill to tax the rich or a 40-cent-per-gallon carbon tax on gas to make the environmental elitists feel good about themselves?

Craig Nichols

Findlay, Ohio

The Issue: San Francisco’s renaming of 44 public high schools named after former presidents.

Obviously reports about the homeless and drug problems in San Francisco are all baseless claims, since the City Council’s top priority is renaming schools (“Historic backlash,” Jan. 29).

It does seem a waste of money, but I hope they don’t make the mistake again in renaming them.

People have flaws. We all do. So that only way not to offend people is to assign schools a number. Don’t name them after humans, none of whom are perfect.

William Cook

Little Egg Harbor, NJ

San Francisco is a septic tank — rife with homelessness and opioid abuse — and changing school names is a priority?

Funny how all of a sudden this becomes a major agenda push.

Maybe instead of wasting taxpayer money on nonsense, you address the human feces land mines that dot the putrid landscape of a once- beautiful city.

Kevin Judge

Naples, Fla.

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