Man slashes throat of out of control dog after it attacked four women

A man fatally slit a dog's throat after he heard worrying cries coming from a nearby apartment.

A police source told FranceInfo that the man heard "cries of distress" around 3pm on Sunday (August 14) in the town of Grigny in the southern Parisian suburb of Essonne, France.

He entered the apartment to find four young women injured and an American Staffordshire Terrier completely out of control on a rampage.

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The man, who was not named in the report, tried to calm the beast, but after he was unsuccessful, he grabbed a knife and killed it by cutting its throat.

All four of the young women, all under the age of 24, suffered injuries in the attack.

Thankfully, however, none of the wounds are life-threatening, with one hurt in the left arm, another on her right hand and left arm, and the third on her lip, the source added.

The fourth girl was the most seriously injured, having been bitten on the breast and had her finger torn by the vicious critter.

All four were rushed to hospital to receive treatment for their injuries, while their saviour wasn't injured at all.

The violent animal was staying with the owner's girlfriend when the incident took place but wasn't present at the time of the attack.

French police from the Juvisy-sur-Orge division have now opened an investigation into the incident.

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Dog attacks have been on the rise across the world in recent months, with both fatalities and injuries at the hands of the creatures making headlines.

Just last month, a mum-of-two was savaged to death by dogs in West Melton, South Yorkshire, despite desperate attempts by her boyfriend to save her from her fate.

Joanne Robinson was brutally attacked on July 15 of this year around 10pm, while her boyfriend, identified as Jamie Stead, suffered severe injuries to his face, hands and chest.

The news comes as calls have grown for certain breeds, including types of bulldogs, to be banned in the UK.


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