Met Office issues ice and snow warning for the north of the UK

Christmas weather: Snow and ice warning issued for Scotland

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The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice in Scotland plus parts of northern and western England. They have warned that the “wintry showers” will have continued overnight leading to a risk of ice on surfaces. 

The majority of Scotland plus Yorkshire, the Humber, Manchester, Lancaster, Durham and Northumberland are likely to be affected by ice.

Those travelling on Tuesday morning are warned that there will likely be some icy patches on roads, pavements and cycling paths which makes accidents more likely.

Those driving cars should also be aware of strong winds which may make driving conditions difficult.

Northern and central Scotland have a high chance of snow on Tuesday which may cause some road and rail delays.

Weather forecaster Jonathan Vautrey from the Met Office has said snow may be five to ten centimetres in higher ground levels.

He said: “Take care when heading out first thing on Tuesday, and ice scrappers may be needed.”

However, the weather forecast is expected to be milder than on Boxing Day despite snow in the north, and most of the UK is likely to see rain.

East Anglia and the southeast of England will likely stay dry for most of the day, and Northern Ireland is expected to see some sunshine in the afternoon.

It is also expected to be windy, especially in the south of the UK, with the temperatures dropping likely below 0C in some places.

The coldest temperatures will be in Scotland where the weather may drop to -6C in snowy areas.

The Environmental Agency has also issued a flood alert warning to 25 areas in England.

River levels particularly remain high in Bristol, Somerset, Oxford, West Dorset and West Lincolnshire, but those concerned can check the Goverment website to see if there is flooding in your local area and receive more information.

Those in affected areas are advised to avoid footpaths near lakes and river as well as plan driving routes as low-lying roads may be affected or even closed.

The Met Office is closely monitoring the situation in all areas affected and will keep updating if the situation changes.

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This evening, clouds and rain are expected to head away to the east, making the night dry and clear, but rain will persist in Scotland. 

Wednesday will see more rain, with it being heaviest in the southwest followed by some wind, with Scotland likely to be drier but colder. 

In the south, the temperature will rise slightly leading to some sunny spells but most of the week will see some rainy showers. 

The worst weather is likely to be on Friday which will see strong winds and heavy rain.

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