Met Office latest forecast: Volatile high pressure to rock UK and trigger heatwave in DAYS

UK weather: Heatwave expected as high pressure moves in

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In its latest forecast, the Met Office warned high pressure will dominate the UK weather pattern over the coming days, bringing dry weather for many. It said the only exception would be the far northwest. It added temperatures will start to climb as well into next week.

It comes as the first hosepipe bans were introduced in parts of southern England with further restrictions earmarked for the south east England and south-west Wales later this month.

Southern Water, whose domestic water-use restrictions are now in place across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, encouraged people to “gently remind” neighbours of the restrictions in place if they saw anyone breaking the rules.

The Met Office has warned there is very little meaningful rain on the horizon for parched areas of England with temperatures set to climb into the 30s next week.

Tt could mean another heatwave, when there are above-average temperatures for three days or more.

However, it is likely conditions will be well below the 40C seen in some places in July.

The Met Office’s latest weather report comes after its long range forecast on Tuesday showed warmer than average conditions threaten to hold out until the end of October.

Government meteorologists blamed warming coastal waters, climate change and the return of high pressure, which was the driver for last month’s heatwave.

A Met Office spokesman said earlier this week: “The main signals for August are for high pressure to extend northeast towards the UK at ties, with lower pressure to the south.”


“With warmer than average sea-surface temperatures in the vicinity of the UK, the chances of a warm August to October are almost twice normal.

“Given these trends, there is a slightly increased likelihood of impacts from hot weather during August, especially given the dry conditions of the past few months.”

The situation has led to calls for action to reduce water consumption to protect the environment, supplies and to restore the country’s lost wetlands on an enormous scale to tackle a future of drier summers and more droughts.

Householders who have not yet been hit by restrictions are being urged to avoid using hosepipes for watering the garden or cleaning the car.

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The latest forecast from Meteogroup shows any daytime showers on Friday will soon clear during the evening to leave it dry with late spells of sunshine.

Overnight will then be dry with long, clear spells although variable amounts of cloud cover will build and showers will spread into western Scotland and may merge into longer spells of rain by dawn.

Saturday will be a largely dry and bright day with spells of summer sunshine, however, there will be variable amounts of cloud cover around too, according to Meteogroup.

A chance of showers will be mostly across Northern Ireland and northern Britain. These will merge into longer spells of rain across northern Scotland during the afternoon.

Sunday will continue to be mostly dry with bright spells. Large areas of cloud will build and showers will develop mostly across Scotland. Monday remains mostly dry with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. There is a chance of showers developing mostly across northern Britain.

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