Milk Bar Expands to Ice Cream

Christina Tosi has just launched a line of ice creams by the pint, inspired by flavors from her popular bakeries.

By Florence Fabricant

Nothing bears the trademark of the pastry chef Christina Tosi more than her cereal milk flavor. Often available as soft-serve at her Milk Bar confectionaries, cereal milk is now an ice cream, available by the pint. Cereal milk is not an alternate vegan ingredient made by pressing and hydrating Froot Loops or the like. It’s the milk that has soaked the cornflakes in your bowl and taken on their flavor. It’s the star in Ms. Tosi’s new line of ice creams, riddled with crunchy cornflake bits. The other flavors are birthday cake, another signature; cornflake-chocolate chip-marshmallow; and Milk Bar pie swirled with caramel.

Milk Bar Ice Cream, $5.99 a pint at Whole Foods.

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