Moment a can to fall off shelf in shop – as owner claims it's a ghost

Is a ghost haunting the owner of this cannabis shop… or are the fears just dopey? Watch the moment a can falls off a shelf – seemingly on its own

  • Thomas Meredith, 36, says his Eastbourne CBD shop is ‘haunted’ by a ghost
  • Can falling off shelf by itself caught on CCTV – and his dog looked up before it fell

This is the moment a can seemingly fell off a cannabis shop shelf on its own – but the shop’s owner says he has caught a ghost haunting him on camera.

Businessman Thommy Meredith, 36, says the ghoul ‘checks in’ once a year at his CBD shop, in Eastbourne, East Sussex, by making things fall off shelves.

He was so scared he rushed outside when a can of pop fell off a shelf with no apparent explanation while he was just feet away.

And CCTV footage from last Thursday caught the moment his dog looked up five seconds before the can started to fall.

Businessman Thommy Meredith (pictured), 36, says his CBD shop, in Eastbourne, East Sussex, is haunted by a ghost which made a can (circled) fall off a shelf

Mr Meredith has said he is now going to get ghost hunters in to work out what is going on once and for all.

Mr Meredith, of Eastbourne, East Sussex, said: ‘I’ve tried so many experiments to try and think like it could be vibrations from the road, it could be vibrations from the fridge, but no other cans moved.

‘It’s like something pushed it off.

‘And in the video my dog is in his bed at the time next to the sofa and he looks up about five seconds before the can actually falls.

‘He might have seen something there.

‘I think whoever is doing it is saying: “I’m here, pay attention.”

‘It almost seems like a kid – it’s a very mischievous thing to do, just knocking things off shelves. Nothing ever gets thrown off – just casually pushed.

‘I would love to get someone down here and do a few experiments to see what could be here.’

Mr Meredith has had his shop – called 533 CBD – for four years, with seemingly unexplainable new events happening at the premises every year.

During the first year he came into the store to find one of his products on the floor.

Things only fall off the shelves on one side of the shop and he has been unable to find any explanation.

His building was built in the 1900s and was used as a convenience store and video store before he took it over. Before that the property was residential.

Mr Meredith’s shop 533 CBD sells products such as CBD oil (stock photo) which is an oil derived from cannabis but without any psychoactive effects

In the video, Mr Meredith can be seen casually cleaning his store – before the alleged ghost strikes.

Mr Meredith continued: ‘I didn’t really think much of it the first time and just put it back on the shelf.

‘But the next day the same thing happened – I checked the CCTV and it looked like it was pushed off the shelf.

‘Things have happened like that over the four years.

‘I feel that whatever is doing it, it’s not aggressive or someone who doesn’t necessarily want me here.

‘It’s someone that’s just showing me: ‘I’m here, pay attention to me.’

‘When it happened – straight away I put everything down, checked the cameras and as soon as I saw it fly off the shelf I was like: ‘Right, I’m leaving the shop’ so I walked out and stood outside for a little bit.

‘But I don’t get any feelings of anything malicious and nasty – it’s always a good vibe.’

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