Murder suspect mum spotted cleaning up blood in house where victim was beaten up

A woman accused of murder was seen cleaning "spots of blood" in the house a man was "beaten up" on the day he died, a jury heard.

Carol Edgar, 47, is one of two women who alongside four men have denied killing Lee McKnight, a 26-year-old man found dead in the River Caldew, Carlisle.

The jury previously heard Mr McKnight was beaten to death during a "torture" attack after being trapped "on a promise of sex".

Witness Raymond Light, who told Carlisle Crown Court that he knows both female suspects, said he saw Ms Edgar cleaning the kitchen of the home he was sharing with her 26-year-old daughter Coral.

As it was his birthday, Mr Light says he remembers well how he visited Edgar after collecting his methadone – an alternative to heroin – from a local pharmacy, the News & Star reports.

He told the court that Coral had answered the door to him at 10:30am on July 24 2020 and saw Jamie Davison, 26, another murder suspect, asleep on a sofa

Mr Light added that although he did not know Davison, he saw him a week earlier because he was staying at the Edgars' home.

The witness said: "Carol was in the back kitchen cleaning. Coral was sitting in front of the telly."

Prosecutor Tim Evans asked: "Did you see what it was she [Carol] was cleaning?"

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Mr Light replied: "She was cleaning the worktops, and the dishes in the sink and then she sat down and cleaned a couple of spots of blood off the cupboard and a couple off the floor when she was talking to us."

Mr Evans asked: "And did you regard that as unusual?"

Mr Light said: "It's because of the way we live. She was an IV heroin user; she used to inject and as dirty as it sounds blood used to get spilled.

"I've seen it happen before."

According to the News & Star, Mr Light said he asked Carol Edgar where her Nissan Navara pick-up truck was and she explained it had been "twocked" – meaning taken or stolen.

Mr Light continued: "I asked when they took it if the alarm had gone off. She said she'd heard nothing."

He agreed Coral was quiet, and not her normally "bubbly" self.

"She was having an off day. So what!" he said.

He agreed also that Carol's habit of injections and cocktail of drugs at the time left her in not "a good place".

McKnight's murder is also denied by Davison, of Beverley Rise, Harraby; Arron Graham, 26, of Blackwell Road, Currock; Jamie Lee Roberts, 18, of Grey Street; and his father Paul Roberts, 51, also of Grey Street.

The prosecution say the three younger men attacked Mr McKnight because he was Davison was chasing him over a drugs debt.

Carol Edgar and Paul Roberts are alleged to have acted as helpers while Coral is accused of "luring" Mr McKnight to their home on Charles Street.

The trial continues.

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