New Year's Eve storm set to bring heavy snow, winds and thunderstorms from coast-to-coast

A MASSIVE winter storm is expected to dump heavy snow as it rages across the country with heavy winds through New Year’s Day.

The storm system will come in two phases this week strengthening as it crosses the nation – just days after the East Coast was battered with cold arctic air and nearly two feet of snow in parts of New York.

A record daily snowfall of 18.4 inches was recorded at Buffalo International Airport on Saturday as freezing temperatures extended all the way down to Florida, ABC News reported.

Accuweather called the upcoming storm system the “first real storm of the season” and said some areas could face “blizzard conditions.”

The first phase of the new storm system will start in California on Sunday night before hitting the Great Plains and Midwest through early week, according to

California, particularly water desperate and fire-prone areas like Los Angeles and San Diego, will receive much-needed rain possibly to the point of minor flooding, and some mountain snow, the outlet reported.

Snowfall could spread as far north as Michigan by Tuesday night by the time the storm passes east of the Rocky Mountains.

The storm’s second phase will start organizing on Wednesday near the Gulf Coast, according to the outlet.

Severe thunderstorms are possible in southern parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, which were hit with twin terror hurricanes in August and are still recovering from the staggering task of rebuilding.

“In the south, any downpours can lead to flash flooding, mainly in low-lying and poor drainage areas, including around Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Dallas,” Accuweather warned.

Most of the storm's second phase will happen late Wednesday through Friday, though the outlet warned that weather projections can change this far in advance.

Most of the South, East and Midwest will receive various levels of precipitation including rain or snowfall on New Year's Eve, according to the outlet.

By New Year's Eve, rain and wind will also hit every major city in the Northeast — from Boston to Washington, D.C, ABC News reported.

On New Year's Day, the storm could still dump rain on a broad area of the East Coast and Great Lakes regions.

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