North Korea tells South Korean President to ‘shut his mouth’ after aid offer

North Koreans cheer missile launch in bizarre propaganda film

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Her comments mark the first time a senior North Korean official has commented on the South Korean President’s proposals. The proposals were unveiled on Wednesday during a press conference hosted by President Yoon Suk-yeol to mark his first 100 days in office and were described as “audacious” by the President.

However, in a statement released by state news agency KCNA Kim Yo Jong branded Yoon as “really simple and still childish” to think that North Korea would agree to his plan.

Kim also blasted Yoon for talking “nonsense”.

She said: “It would have been more favourable for his image to shut his mouth, rather than talking nonsense as he had nothing better to say.

“No one barters its destiny for corn cake.”

South Korea’s Unification Minister, who is responsible for relations with the North, branded Kim’s comments “very disrespectful and indecent.”

While President Yoon has said he is willing to provide more aid to the North if it ended its development of its nuclear weapons programme, he has also made attempts to shore up Seoul’s military.

This has included resuming long suspended joint drills with the United States which include major field exercises due to begin next week.

On Wednesday, a State Department spokesman reiterated that Washington supports Yoon’s policies. 

However, Kim made it clear that she believes that the military drills show that Seoul and Washington’s talk of diplomacy are insincere.

She said in relation to Yoon: “We make it clear that we will not sit face to face with him.”

In recent years Kim Yo Jong has become a vocal critic of South Korea as she has taken on a more prominent political role.

According to some experts, she is seen as playing “bad cop” compared to her brother’s less aggressive statements. 

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Kim’s latest attack on Yoon made on Friday is her most aggressive yet.

However, earlier this month she made a profanity laced tirade blaming Seoul for a Covid outbreak in the North.

Kim threatened South Korea with “deadly retaliation” should there be a repeat.

According to experts, Yoon’s plans are similar to those put forward by previous South Korean leaders.

Scott Snyder, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations think tank said in a blog post on Thursday that Yoon’s proposals were the latest in a long line of “failed” attempts by Seoul to persuade Pyongyang to denuclearise.

He said: “Yoon’s initiative adds to a long list of failed offers involving South Korean promises to provide economic benefits to North Korea … These were the same assumptions that were behind a succession of failed efforts to jump-start denuclearisation talks.”

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