‘Nowhere is safe’ says woman, 21, found lying in own vomit after being ‘spiked’

A woman who appears to have been one of the latest spiking victims says "nowhere is safe" after she was found lying in her own vomit.

Olivia Riley, 21, was rescued by a group of women who managed to make contact with her boyfriend, but the whole incident in Leeds could have ended much more seriously.

Olivia woke up the day after her night out with an “unusual” mark on her leg and little memory of what had happened the night before, reports Leeds Live.

After going to hospital and reporting it to police, she was told it was more than likely that she’d been spiked during the night out with her pal.

It follows a shocking trend across the country of women reporting spiking incidents.

Olivia, from Wakefield, said : “It didn't sink in at first. My family were really concerned – I'd heard of it happening in other places in Leeds but I never thought it would ever happen to me. I've never been in that state from drinking.

"I don't know why people do it. I never took my eyes off my drinks and I was sure I would've felt an injection.

"You can cover your drinks and be as careful as possible but I don't understand how you could stop a needle. I don't know what I could have done to stop it from happening.

"I hadn't drunk that much. The only way I could have avoided it is by not going out – and why should I have to put my life on hold because people are doing something sick like this?"

Olivia was sober when she went out with her mate last Saturday. After arriving at a bar just before 8pm, they queued for about 40 minutes to get a drink because it was so busy.

She said she had about six drinks, and her bank statement shows she bought the last one just after 10pm while her friend's last drink was bought just before 11pm. But she has no memory of leaving the bar.

"After about 10.30pm my memory is completely gone," she said.

“I don't remember leaving, I was found on the other side of Leeds around 11pm. I didn't have my bag or shoes. I was found in the street by a group of girls, lying in my sick. I don't remember anything.”

The girls who found her managed to use the missed calls from her boyfriend on her lock screen to contact him so he could pick her up.

The next day, her boyfriend told her she'd passed out when she got home and he'd been unable to wake her. It was then that they found a mark on her leg which corresponded to a liquid mark on her dress in the same place.

She got it checked out at hospital, where she was told it was probably a rash. But she was advised to contact the police anyway, and they said it looked like a needle mark and it was likely she’d been spiked.

"What really worries me is how many people have messaged me since saying it's happened to them too. One girl said she wouldn't have thought to report it if she hadn't seen my Facebook post,” she said.

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