NYC beachgoers bummed by lack of lifeguards — which is causing unsocial distancing

What a (beach) bummer.

The Big Apple’s beaches finally opened for swimming earlier this month — but long stretches of surf still remain off-limits due to a lack of lifeguards, making it tough to socially distance in the waters where taking a dip is allowed.

In Brooklyn’s Coney Island, empty lifeguard chairs dotted large swaths of the three-mile beach as the sun beamed and temps soared into the 90s Thursday.

“I’m hot and I want to go in the water, but without lifeguards it’s dangerous when the tide comes in,” said Erica Flores, 28, who was on the sand with her 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter.

Flores said city Parks Department workers have been shooing beachgoers out of the waters where there is no lifeguard posted up.

“They tell me if I want to go swimming, I have to be squeezed in with all those other people, which defeats the purpose,” the Coney Island mom said.

Out of 22 bays on the beach checked by a Post reporter, there were lifeguards spotted at just 13 of them Thursday.

Lifeguards on the beach acknowledged there is a shortage.

“We are short-staffed because of COVID. Half of the lifeguards who worked last season haven’t come back,” a lifeguard at West 19th Street said.

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