NYC may be hit with another snowstorm later this week, forecasters warn

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The Big Apple could get blasted later this week with another snow storm that has the potential to pack a punch — as frigid temperatures set in through the weekend, forecasters said Monday.

The flake news comes as New Yorkers and those in surrounding areas continue to dig out after getting walloped by two storms last week.

A dusting is expected on Tuesday morning, but a slightly more “potent” storm could drop about 2 to 4 inches on Thursday, Accuweather senior meteorologist Tom Kines told The Post.

And that storm may only get bigger.

“If the snow lasts into Friday, there might be more than a few inches,” Kines said. “That’s a system that we’ve got to keep an eye on.”

On Tuesday, the city could see up to an inch set to fall in the early hours, the meteorologist said. 

The flakes will start coming down during the morning commute and likely taper off by the early afternoon. Areas north of the city could see up to 3 inches, he said. 

“It’s kind of coming at a bad time, right at the morning commute, so in that respect it’s not a good thing,” Kines said. 

Temperatures will rise above freezing by the afternoon, so the evening commute won’t be as much of a concern, he said. 

Temperatures on Thursday will sit around the upper 20s, with similar temperatures expected on Friday and over the weekend.

The city has already seen twice the normal amount of snow for this time of year, he said. Most of the snow fell early last week, when a monster storm dumped more than 17 inches.

“If we [don’t] get any more snow this season, then we’re just a little bit above what we should have for the whole season,” Kines said. 

Sunday’s snowfall dumped an average of 4 to 6 inches across the city. Central Park saw 4.5 inches, and 6.9 inches fell in JFK Airport, Kines said. Parts of northern New Jersey were hit with between 7 and 9 inches. 

But this season is nothing for the record books — yet.

“We’d have to get a couple more snowstorms yet to get close to any record,” Kines added. 

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