‘Out of control’ Russian spacecraft speeding towards Earth after test failure

Part of a Russian rocket is currently tumbling back towards Earth after a mishap in space that saw a section of the craft fail to burn up properly.

The rocket, which is known as an Angara A5, launched as part of a Russian Space Agency test last week and was supposed to release a payload.

However, it will be returning home sooner than expected.

Unfortunately the upper section of the rocket failed to properly burn off in orbit and is now hurtling back to the ground reports the Independent.

According to trackers, the rocket is currently around 140,000 meters above Earth and is descending fast.

It is currently impossible to predict where the rocket will land, but it's likely that it will be burnt up for good by the time it does so it's unlikely to flatten any houses.

The rocket, nicknamed Persei, was supposed to carry a dummy payload into higher orbit but this was hindered somewhat by the failure to burn.

The rocket isn't the only object hurtling in the direction of Earth's orbit this month with NASA revealing that five asteroids are on the way.

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Scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the famous space agency have released a report revealing the surprising extraterrestrial activity after tracking objects via an 'Asteroid Watch' dashboard.

The technology allows them to detect the fast-moving space curiosities and then track their predicted path, meaning they can estimate how close they will come to Earth.

However, they have reassured humanity that it is extraordinarily unlikely that any of these will pose any real threat to our planet, with a giant asteroid on January 5 expected to come no closer than 1,330,000 miles.

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