Parents slam school dinners 'not fit for a dog' as pupils served 'grim' chicken in a paper cup and 'inedible' snacks

PARENTS at a school in Exeter have blasted the "grim" meals served to children insisting the food "is not fit for a dog".

Shocking pictures have emerged showing dry-looking chicken wings and what appears to be tortilla chips served in paper cups to kids at West Exe School.

Education chiefs have since issued an apology after distraught parents contacted Devon County Council over the poor quality of the "grim and absolutely inedible" meals, reports Devon Live.

Photos of the food were shown at a council meeting on Thursday while one parent said they "wouldn’t even serve this to a dog let alone a child" adding the meals were a "complete insult to children."

Cllr James McInnes, cabinet member for schools, said the caterer responsible had apologised for the quality of the food on one day.

He said the company plans to provide further training to staff over quality and portion control.

Another Councillor, Rob Hannaford, said: "I understand that a number of schools have recently changed their contractors and suppliers, so can the cabinet member please report to council on these specific matters, and more generally across the county, including any current issues around substandard cuisine, unhealthy ingredients and inadequate portion sizes.”

He added: "We have had the grim pictures. I do acknowledge that it was rectified but we want to make sure children are being looked after and eating properly."

Hannaford read out a damning letter from a concerned parent at West Exe School.

It said: "My daughter is currently in year 10 at West Exe School and has recently sent me pictures of the absolutely inedible and horrendous meals/snacks they are offering and serving to their students, our children.

"As a parent I want my child to be offered nutritional food and food that look appetising and edible. As you can see from the photos I have provided these are neither of those things. I wouldn’t even serve this to a dog let alone a child.

"I appreciate they have to stick to a budget however this is unacceptable and in my opinion a complete insult to our children. They shouldn’t have to suffer as a consequence of the supply change."

On West Exe School, Cllr McInnes said: "The contract for the provision of facilities management (including catering) changed to a new provider on April 1.

"It is understood that food served, in a school, on one of the days in the first week of delivery did not meet the new providers, the school’s or parental expectations and a complaint was received.

"The provider has apologised to the school concerned and has put a plan together which includes further training in regard to quality and portion control.

"The schools working with the new provider will continue to monitor the standard of meals provided."

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