Pensioner charged with leaving bombs at phone stores to stop spread of swearing

An pensioner has been accused of trying to bomb phone stores and cell phone towers he believes are responsible for the spread of telecommunications “containing immoral content,” like swearing and porn.

John Douglas Allen, 75, is charged with extortion and attempted destruction of interstate commerce buildings, according to a press release.

Officials claim the pensioner was caught on camera leaving a package, namely a homemade explosive device, outside an AT&T store in Sault Ste. Marie and a Verizon store in Cheboygan, last week. Both cities are in Michigan, USA.

Threatening letters, in colourful polka dot envelopes, were left wedged in the wire fencing at signal towers, listing demands from a body called Coalition for Moral Telecommunication (CMT).

The letter demanded that software be developed so that porn and other so-called vulgar communications be halted.

The note said that the group has 30 members that span 30 US states and that the members were prepared to wreak havoc were their demands not met.

Another demand was $5m (£3.65m), to cease and desist. “Also (within 180 days), you will be given instructions as to how and where you will pay us $5M to cease and desist,” the letter read.

The letter was addressed to AT&T, Verizon and "all other carriers." It opened with a threat of a country-wide bombing campaign, complete with spelling mistakes.

"We are prepared to travel throughout this Country and begin destroying inner city tower communication unless the following is followed," with a list of demands numbered below.

The first was that all telecommunications containing "immoral content" be stopped, this included cursing, "the transmission of pornography, and all manner of indecent communication."

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The second demand was the bounty for a cease and desist, followed by a stark warning that if the group was reported to the police, FBI or any other government agency, then "your problems will begin."

"After any arrest our price will go up 100 times. Any doubts? Test us!" the letter finished.

Allen faces 40 years in federal prison if convicted.

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