Police told to check ‘Mike Tyson’s house’ for wanted man missing half an ear

The perils of police forces appealing for information on social media has once again been laid bare after a suspect with half an ear missing had Facebook users in stitches.

West Yorkshire Police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of Yorkshireman Dale Poppleton in connection with a "serious offence."

Poppleton, aged 41, is described as a white male, medium build and 6ft1 tall.

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The force said: "He is very distinctive due to the fact that he has half an ear (right side).

"He is thought to have connections to not only the Bradford area but the North of England. He was last seen in East Yorkshire.

"Extensive enquiries have been carried out to locate Poppleton but he is deliberately evading Police."

Unsurprisingly, the appeal, complete with a picture of Poppleton with half an ear missing, led to a slew of jokes.

"I’ll keep my ear to the ground and let you know," one wrote while another said "Think he was round Mike Tyson’s house earlier."

Other comments included "Got 3 years but he’ll only do and ear and half!" and another put "Last seen playing football with Suarez."

One user perhaps summed it best up, writing: "I hope to god I’m never wanted by the police. I’d rather hand myself in than be put on here."

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Police appeals going viral are not unheard of.

In December 2022, people swooned over a man wanted by Humberside Police thanks to his dishy mugshot.

Multiple women posted on the appeal for Robert Rimmer claiming they would happily "hide him" despite his links to a number of drug-related offences in the Humberside area.

One user commented: "If I find him he’s staying with me" while another said "Women: 'why are there never any good men out there'. Also women: 'wanted criminal you say? Mamma’s thirsty'."


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