Putin pal joins Wagner boss for chilling ‘World War 3’ recruitment video

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    Vladimir Putin's allies have hinted World War Three is coming as they appealed for more Russians to "do a man's job" and fight in Ukraine.

    As the Wagern Group mercenary army takes ever more casualties, it has launched a recruitment drive to replace its punishing losses.

    After an ad campaign on PornHub was taken down by the porn site’s administrators, Wagner Group boss Yevgeny Prigozhin has turned to propagandist Vladimir Solovyov to help him lure in young Russians in search of adventure.

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    Solovyov is one of Putin's leading propaganda mouthpieces.

    In his nightly show on Russia’s main TV network, Russia-1, he has repeatedly called for Russia to escalate the war with nuclear strikes on both Ukraine and the UK.

    In January, Solovyov told his viewers that that "life is highly overrated" and said death was nothing to be afford of, at least for Russians, asking ”Why be afraid of what is inevitable? We'll go to heaven.”

    His commercial for the Wagner Group carries on in his apocalyptic vein.

    He grins and nods with approval as Prigozhin says: “Sign up to private military company Wagner – you’ll learn to do a man’s job and meet World War Three with dignity".

    The Third World War rhetoric has been part of the Wagner Group’s rhetoric for a while.

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    In a previous recruitment video, urging young Russians to join his mercenary organisation, Prigozhin promised that members of his “private army” would be “in good shape for the upcoming Third World War”.

    The truth on the ground is altogether more basic, and more bloody.

    Prigozhin is thought to have recruited as many as 40,000 prisoners from Russia’s jails to throw into the battle for Bakhmut. But after months of "meat grinder" combat in bitterly cold conditions the Ukrainians are still hanging on.

    And the Wagner Group fighters’ main role now appears to be as a “suicide squad” to help conventional Russian forces to work out where the Ukrainian fire is coming from.

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    Professor William Philpott, a lecturer in war studies at King's College in London, says the Russian tactics have shifted slightly from the vast “human wave" attacks we saw earlier this year.

    “Human wave attacks, where you send in large numbers of troops to try and overwhelm a position are one thing,” he said. “But this is sending a suicide squad in to try and get people to reveal their position”

    He said Russian commanders are “sending troops forward to get them killed in order to expose [Ukrainian] positions”.

    Prigozhin can only hope to replace all those dead men by spending ever more of his vast fortune on advertising campaigns, in a bid to tempt a few misguided young Russians into joining his shrinking force.

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