Rick Zamperin: OBJ’s watch is amazing, but he shouldn’t wear it on the field

It’s only Week 2 of the NFL season and it seems like a whole season has been packed into an epic opening week of games.

From the Antonio Brown saga to the latest storyline involving Odell Beckham Jr., the NFL has been in the spotlight, for better or worse.

Brown is the reigning champion of headline grabbing pro football players.

Whether it was his offseason trade from Pittsburgh to Oakland, getting frostbite on his feet during a cryotherapy accident in France, challenging the NFL’s helmet rule, berating Raiders GM Mike Mayock at training camp and getting fined for it, creating a YouTube video that featured a recorded phone call of head coach John Gruden, being released by the Raiders and then signing a one-year contract with New England — whew — Brown has been the busiest bad boy of the bunch.

And he hasn’t even played a down yet.

Don’t forget about OBJ, though. The fellow flamboyant receiver was shipped by the New York Giants to Cleveland in the offseason, arrived to town in a US$325,000 orange Rolls Royce, and despite having a solid debut (seven catches for 71 yards) on Sunday, the Browns lost their 15th consecutive season opening game.

Oh yeah, and Beckham wore a US$190,000 watch during the game, which the NFL says is a no-no.

It’s not against the rules to wear jewellery on the field, but the league prohibits ‘hard objects” from being worn.

Beckham says the Richard Mille timepiece, which is beautifully crafted, is plastic and therefore should not be an issue.

He also pointed to players who wear knee braces that are essentially hard objects.

OBJ has a point, but the NFL can’t possibly want to open the door to allow every player to wear a watch. Can you imagine an offensive lineman sporting a Rolex while trying to run block?

This is an easy decision for the league that has one of the strictest dress codes on the planet. Ditch the watch.

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