Russians ‘torturing teachers and burning books’ to stamp out Ukrainian schooling

Russian soldiers are torturing teachers and burning books in a bid to wipe out the Ukrainian curriculum in occupied territory, Ukraine's education minister has claimed.

The move is the latest attempt by Vladimir Putin’s invading forces to impose Russian culture and way of life on the areas his forces have seized since he launched the brutal invasion on his neighbour earlier this year.

Occupied areas of the Zaporizhzhya and Kherson regions are due to hold “referendums” on annexation to the Russian Federation next month, but few observers believe they’ll be anything other than rigged votes.

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Even before that happens, Putin is using his thugs to impose a Russian curriculum on kids – a curriculum that erases any mention of Ukrainian history or cultural identity, reports The Times.

“They are making arrests in Kherson region for teaching the Ukrainian school curriculum and burning Ukrainian books. It's barbaric, in the 21st century," said Serhiy Shkarlet, the minister for education and science.

He said there’d been a wave of arrests and intimidation after most Ukrainian teachers refused to go along with Putin's curriculum for the new school year, which starts on September 1.

“Russians take teachers, keep them for several days, torture them then release them. It's savagery," the minister said.

“I'm proud that 97% of our educators refused to give in and work for the occupier."

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Kherson was the first big city to be captured by the Russian invaders during the current conflict and Putin’s henchmen have been attempting to force their agenda onto the teaching profession since May.

According to The Times, Russia has been threatening to force some teachers for "retraining" in Crimea.

And Ukrainian kids in occupied territory have been forced to learn pro-Russian anthems and wear Soviet-era costumes.

Meanwhile, Putin’s loyal media puppets have issued calls for teachers who resist to be executed or “sent to the gulag".


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