SAS launches diet club as staff joke they should change motto to Who Dares Slims

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The SAS has initiated a diet club after the Army’s obesity crisis spread to the elite regiment.

And members even joke that the fat fighters motto should be “Who Dares Slims”.

Those attending will be placed on lower-calorie diets and be expected to undertake at least one session of physical training every day.

The Daily Star Sunday also revealed that senior commanders are worried that obesity problems could be spiralling out of control in the service.

At least 50 troops have had liposuction to remove fat in the last five years, while more than 700 have been prescribed diet pills to help them control their weight.

Ministry of Defence figures show 24,000 troops had “high-risk” weight problems while a further 8,361 were at “extreme risk”.

Colonel Richard Kemp, a former commander of British troops in Afghanistan, said: “Soldiers cannot join the Army if they are overweight.

“These soldiers must have gained this weight while serving.

“This is a failure of leadership.”

In March last year the Star on Sunday reported that up to 15 soldiers had been given their marching orders for being too fat to fight in the two years previous.

Ten of the heaviest had a combined weight of more than 173st – with one tipping the scales at almost 30st.

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He was one of more than 80 members of the military who have been sacked since 2002. Dozens more have been warned they could also be discharged if they keep failing fitness tests.

One of those at risk was so fat he could no longer properly fire his rifle when lying down.

The Iraq veteran had been repeatedly warned about his weight. He was ­diagnosed with obesity and was at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Figures obtained by the Daily Star Sunday showed that of those sacked since 2018, at least six weighed over 22st.

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One member of the RAF who has been warned he is at risk of losing his career blames the military for his unhealthy diet.

The airman said: “The problem with the armed forces is that they feed you too well. You can have a cooked breakfast, two courses for lunch and the same for dinner.

“If you are predisposed to having a weight problem like me you are going to have weight issues.

“I’ve been told that I will get what is effectively an official warning if I fail ­another fitness test, and after that, I could be discharged.”

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