Scientists list top five new Omicron symptoms – from sneezing to headaches

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Covid boffins have updated the list of popular symptoms to look out for – and it’s different to the initial advice.

Whilst the NHS lists the three main symptoms of the virus as a high temperature, continuous cough and loss of smell and taste, scientists working on the ZOE Covid app have come to a different conclusion.

They say the top five symptoms for people testing positive for the Omicron strain of the virus are a runny nose, a headache, fatigue, sneezing and a sore throat.

In fact, only half of the respondents experienced the classic three symptoms, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Dr Claire Steves, who was involved in analysing the data, said cold-like symptoms remain the top symptoms in people with covid and other signs such as a cough are "much less prevalent".

She added: "Most reported symptoms are really very much like a cold, especially in people who have been vaccinated.

"If you are feeling at all under the weather please make sure you get a test."

As well as finding the main symptoms, scientists in the study compared sufferers of the Delta and Omicron variants.

They took health reports from contributors reporting positive cases in the app and compared different time periods, but found no clear difference in the symptom profile of the two.

Other signs of Omicron include a hoarse voice, shivers, fever, chest pains and eye soreness.

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It comes as the variant continues to sweep across the UK, following its more contagious nature leading to record-breaking daily cases.

However, cases have recently been under control and senior government officials have revealed that current restrictions may be ditched from January 2 as the country learns to live with coronavirus.

Mandatory mask wearing, Covid passports and the work from home rule is looking to go, although it seems five-day isolation and lateral flow tests for international travel is set to remain.

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