Shocking moment Brazilian attorney general is attacked by prosecutor

Shocking moment male lawyer punches female attorney general, leaving her bloodied and bruised, after she filed a complaint against him

  • São Paulo registry attorney general Gabriela Monteiro was beaten by prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira at their city hall office on Monday
  • Oliveira was taken into custody by authorities at a clinic on Thursday morning 
  • Oliveira was caught on video attacking Monteiro due to an incident report that was filed against him alleging he had disrespected a female coworker 

This is the bizarre moment a prosecutor assaulted a female attorney general at their city hall office in the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo.

The shocking footage shows Demétrius Oliveira, 34, slamming Gabriela Monteiro, 39, with three punches while she was lying on the floor. 

A woman who also worked with them in the office subsequently pulled Oliveira away as he continued to yell at Monteiro.

Another woman then stepped in and dragged Monteiro away, helping her stand up before Oliveira walked over and slapped the attorney general.

Oliveira was arrested on Thursday by São Paulo Civil Police at a clinic, where he had been admitted. 

Demétrius Oliveira, a prosecutor in the São Paulo, Brazil, registry department, confronts the agency’s attorney general Gabriela Monteiro before he slapped her during a confrontation in their office on Monday. He was arrested at a clinic on Thursday where he had been admitted for unknown reasons

São Paulo registry attorney general Gabriela Monteiro told TV Tribuna that she expected an argument but not a physical confrontation with Demétrius Oliveira after she reported him for alleged bad behavior towards a female office worker

Demétrius Oliveira was taken into custody on Thursday at a São Paulo clinic

Footage release by the São Paulo authorities showed an agent holding on to Oliveira’s left arm as he was escorted through a driveway.

Brazilian news outlet G1 reported the incident was sparked after Monteiro requested an investigation with the over Oliveira’s alleged disrespectful behavior towards a female employee, who felt threatened by the attorney.

Oliveira told Civil Police department’s 1st District station that he reportedly was bullied by his coworkers. The station’s chief elected not to keep him in custody.

Monteiro told TV Tribuna that Oliveira most likely became enraged after a commission was formed to look into the allegations.

‘I was afraid, yes. I was afraid that this would happen,’ Monteiro said. ‘But I didn’t imagine it would be physical violence, I thought it (would just be an) an argument.’

Demétrius Oliveira leans over attorney general Gabriela Monteiro before punching her during the bizarre incident that took place Monday at the São Paulo, Brazil, registry department where they are both assigned to

The Civil Police released a video Thursday that showed Demétrius Oliveira being escorted by a cop after he was arrested at a local São Paulo clinic

São Paulo registry department attorney general Gabriela Monteiro was severely beaten by a prosecutor at her office on Monday

A police report obtained by the news outlet G1 indicated that Oliveira elbowed Monteiro in the head and punched her multiple times. 

He pushed a woman into a door after she attempted to drag him away and then smacked Monteiro across the face before he was eventually restrained by two employees.

Civil Police chief Daniel Vas filed a request to have Oliveira held in preventive detention while the investigation is carried out because he is still considered a threat.

‘(Oliveira) has been having serious relationship problems with women in the work environment, and, when released, he exposes their lives to danger, and consequently, public order,’ Vas said, as quoted by G1.

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