‘Stop embarrassing yourself!’ Female TV presenter shares brutal sexist email

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An online troll attacked Mina Kimes, 36, by dishing out sexist criticisms to the famed sports reporter. Ms Kimes, who is a sports analyst on ESPN, shared the email to her 686,000 Twitter followers.

The tweet, which amassed 38,400 likes and nearly two thousand retweets, read: “Mina, stop embarrassing yourself and pretending to actually know anything about male sports.

“The only reason you’re at ESPN is due to affirmative action.

“Jeff Saturday must privately feel so emasculated having to pretend to have an intellectual back and forth about professional football with someone wearing lipstick and high heels.”

However, Ms Kimes took the criticism in her stride and captioned the Tweet with a humorous: “Sir this is a Wendy’s.”

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Explaining her reasoning for posting the email, she continued in a follow up Tweet: “I understand that “Don’t amplify” argument, I really do.

“But I get asked by women every day whether it’s normal, and I want people to see: It never ends and it has absolutely nothing to do you with.”

Many fans rushed to the 36-year-old’s support and took to Twitter to share their opinions.

Sports anchor Amanda Atwell wrote: “Things you learn from being a female in sports: some men just really hate women.

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“And that’s a them problem, not a you problem.”

While sports commentator Kate Scott agreed: “It never stops. Thanks for sharing, Mina.”

Brian praised Ms Kimes’ work: “For the love of God, Mina is one of the most consistent, accurate, up to date analysts I’ve ever seen.

“Never a trash take from some generic narrative. It’s almost like she watches, or at least researches every game while you have some of these male analysts reading Twitter.”

However, some chuckled at the critics name, which is Charles Brown.

Justin wrote: “Man Charlie Brown really went downhill huh.”

Joe also chimed in: “How are people still like this? Also his name is Charlie Brown.”

Joshua added to the joke: “Wow! Charlie Brown is cranky, Snoopy must have finally run away.”

ESPN issued a statement, backing Ms Kimes following the harsh email.

The statement read: “Mina’s role at ESPN is a ground-breaking one that she’s completely earned.”

“Thanks to her hard work and a deep understanding of the game, Mina’s voice is universally respected throughout the league, as well as by her peers, many of whom played the game at the highest level.

“Mina is a fantastic colleague, and our team is better because of her.”

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