Stray dog leaves puppy in ‘foster care’ with stranger after injury from trap

This is the heartbreaking moment an injured stray dog is taking her puppy to a stranger and putting it in "foster care".

Moving video taken by a paragliding instructor in Sichuan of southwest China shows the stray mother dog running down a hill at the training centre, with a bear trap caught in her front leg.

As she hops with a limp, a tiny puppy follows closely behind her.

The dog takes a pause and turns to look at the paraglider as she carefully makes her way to the coach.

The 26-year-old says: "She's caught in a bear trap but she still has a young pup to take care of.

"I tried to approach them but the mum got scared. She left her baby and ran away."

Holding the puppy in his hand, he adds: "The mother brought her puppy to me. Look at it, it's so calm and quiet. I'm going to take care of it."

The video went viral on Douyin since the man shared it on his account on Monday (November 15) and many viewers asked if he managed to bring the injured dog to the vet.

One said: "Thank you for taking the puppy but please rescue the mother! It must be very painful for her."

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"That's the love of a mother! She is putting her child to your hands, I'm crying…" a second commented, and a third added: "This is heartbreaking to watch, please find the mother dog and treat her leg."

The instructor said he tried to capture the mother dog but she ran away and went into hiding.

But he had asked for a local animal shelter to help rescue the injured canine and they brought equipment to search for her.

In another video, he said: "We saw the dog today, somewhere near the woods. We tried to trap her using a bag but she became aggressive and bit me in the leg.

"Then she nudged the bag off her and escaped. I had to rush to the hospital to get a vaccine in case of getting rabies.

"We'll try again another day. I'm sorry guys."

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