Stray dog walks into vets and shows off his injured paw to get treatment

An inured stray dog has checked himself into a veterinary clinic and asked for help by showing his injured paw.

Security camera footage at the clinic in the Brazilian municipality of Juazeiro do Norte shows the poor animal limping to the entrance and staring at the staff over the counter on Saturday (March 6).

The black pooch wags his tail and stands against the wall before sitting down and gesturing with his paw as if to ask for help from the vet.

A vet seems to have noticed the dog and goes closer for a quick checkup. She realises the animal has had an injury caused by a stuck nail on the paw.

While she walks away to alert other staff and to prepare for a detailed inspection, the stray dog remains calm and waits patiently next to other pets.

He then follows the expert into the consultation room.

A later check revealed that the dog actually had a cancerous tumour.

Veterinarian Dayse Silva believed the stray dog may have entered the clinic because it sniffed out the presence of other animals there and was seeking companionship.

She said "It arrived quietly, showed its paw, and I went there to see what was going on and I immediately realised that it had bleeding in the penile region, but there was a much bigger problem that we only diagnosed later.

"It has a transmissible venereal tumour, common in stray animals. It also had an injury caused by a stuck nail."

The dog, which has not yet been named by the veterinary team, must now remain at the clinic for a minimum of 30 days, during which it will receive chemotherapy treatment.

The clinic has said that when it is well enough to be discharged, it will be put up for adoption.

Dayse, who often leaves food and water outside the clinic for stray animals, said "I am very happy to be able to help. It is a common practice in my clinic, if God permits, it will be found a very good home."

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