Sunday’s London weather forecast — Dry start with temperatures up to 27C – The Sun

DRY and bright to start, becoming hot once again. Risks of an isolated thundery shower breaking out during the afternoon.

Outbreaks of rain later in the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 27C.

London weather forecast for 7am on Sunday June 2

Cooler temperatures on Monday, initially dry with plenty of sunshine.

Showers beginning to form on Tuesday and Wednesday, with chances of heavy and thundery showers at times.

London weather forecast for 13pm on Sunday June 2

UK outlook for Thursday June 6 to Saturday June 15

SUNSHINE and showers expected, possibly heavy and thundery on Thursday. The showers may merge in the northwest leading to some longer and larger spells of rain.

This will continue through to Saturday with light winds emerging and temperatures dropping below average.

By Sunday and the following week it is likely that the Atlantic weather systems will affect the UK bringing with them wet and windy weather, particularly in the northwest, but with some drier and brighter interludes.

Temperatures are expected to be below average, though their is a likely chance of occasional warm spells in the east and southeast.

Towards the middle of June there will be some drier and more settled conditions that will begin to establish across the UK.

Sunday's temperatures for London

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