Texas woman sells slightly used’ BREAST IMPLANTS on Facebook for $100

Woman puts her ‘slightly used’ BREAST IMPLANTS for sale on Facebook marketplace for $100 each – and they have already SOLD

  • Tammie Huff posted her breast implants on Facebook Marketplace Tuesday
  • The San Antonio, Texas woman called them ‘Size D, Slightly Used Titties’ 
  • She indicated they were from a smoke-free household and had done ‘low miles’ 
  • Huff said she was selling them because she was upgrading her look
  • The pair sold Thursday but the Marketplace user was cautioned by Facebook 
  • It was for repeatedly posting things ‘that don’t follow our community standard’ 
  • Silicone and saline implant reported risks include Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism

A Texas woman sold her breast implants on Facebook Marketplace after she decide to ‘upgrade’ her augmentation shortly after purchase.

Tammie Nichelle Huff from San Antonio advertised the unique listing on Tuesday affectionately referring to what appeared to be saline implants as ‘Size D, Slightly Used Titties’.

The seller explained she was willing to let them go for $200 and was even open to selling them separately for $100 each. The listing has since been marked as ‘sold’.

‘Good used set of Titties for sale, upgraded so need gone,’ she wrote in the post. Adding about the little time spent underneath her own breast tissue, she wrote: ‘Low miles would just have to pay for installation.’

Tammie Nichelle Huff posted her breast implants on Facebook Marketplace Tuesday

San Antonio, Texas woman called them ‘Size D, Slightly Used Titties’ and they sold Thursday

She indicated the implants were from a smoke-free household and had done ‘low miles’

Bargain: Huff said she was even willing to let them go separately for $100 per piece

Predicting the deal would be irresistible to social media users looking for a surgery bargain she added for Facebook users to get in touch quickly: ‘HMU before they’re gone.’ 

Huff – whose profile suggests she is a mother to a little girl – also shared images of them in a Ziploc bag, demonstrating how the saline pools while maintain the shape of its packaging.

One man wrote on the Facebook post: ‘Now I’ve seen it all…..girl u selling titties lol lol.’

Although Huff reacted with a laughter emoji, the posts states she was interested in ‘ONLY SERIOUS BUYERS’.

So much so that she indicted her used implants came from a ‘smoke-free clean house’.

Huff had told followers she was upgrading her recent purchase and that’s why she was selling

The frequent Marketplace user was cautioned by Facebook on Thursday however for posting thing ‘that don’t follow our community standard more than once’

Images on her profile indicate she’s a regular to Facebook Market and has placed listings for items including costume angel wings and even meal-prep services.

Certificates posted on her account indicates she has passed a Customer Service Education course, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission approved Seller Training Program and food handling education.

But for many the implants may be taking it a little too far – including Facebook.

Facebook said she was unable to list for a few days because she had ‘posted things that don’t follow our community standard more than once’.

Her profile showed that a post on Thursday had been removed. 

‘Dang It! I can’t post nothing on the Facebook groups until June 2… I am not done advertising … ugh,’ Huff commented on the notification. 

‘Dang It!’: Frustrated Huff said she was not done advertising when the website cut her off

Although Huff is a fan of implants, saline and silicone installations are not good for everyone

It was two weeks after Huff shared an image of herself in hospital on May 17, telling friends she had an ‘ultrasound on my Thyroid’ but did not elaborate. 

Health experts warn that those who have developed Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism before or after having breast implant fitted are at risk of getting sick from both saline and silicone implants.

Implants are not for everyone. Although doctors are supposed to inform patients of the risk, many are who go ahead with surgery aren’t completely aware of reported risks of the body rejecting implants, leading to autoimmune reactions.

Fatigue, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, memory loss, depression and hair loss are some of the symptoms associated with the problem.

Saline is less likely than silicone to leak and cause a dangerous situation for those who have surgery but other reported risks are infection through mold and bacteria growing.

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