Trump mocks Biden's Air Force One fall saying 'I didn't lose to him' before claiming he got more than 75M votes

DONALD Trump has mocked Joe Biden's Air Force One blunder by insisting he "didn't lose to him" and claiming he got more than 75 million votes in the election.

Worrying footage showed Biden, 78, tripping on the stairs on Friday just months after injuring his foot.

Biden was filmed falling three times as he made his way up the stairs to board Air Force One before flying to Georgia.

However, Biden quickly recovered and carried on up the stairs, giving a salute before entering the aircraft.

He was on his way to Atlanta to meet with Asian community leaders following the massage parlor shootings earlier this week.

Speaking at an event on Friday, Trump poked fun at Biden's fall and continued to claim that he didn't lose to election to him.

"I watched as Joe Biden went up the stairs today on Air Force One and I said, I didn’t lose to him – we didn't lose to him," Trump said in the short clip posted on TikTok.

"Almost 75 million votes and probably a lot more than that."

The crowd can be heard laughing as Trump briefly talks about Biden's blunder.

Trump has consistently claimed the election was stolen from him in an elaborate multi-state conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of votes.

But former Attorney General William Barr confirmed there was no widespread fraud in the election.

Nearly all the legal challenges from Trump and his allies have been dismissed by judges, including two tossed by the Supreme Court, which includes three Trump-nominated justices.

The White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that Biden is "doing 100 percent fine" following the tumble.

But former Trump aide Stephen Miller has warned that other countries will "pounce" on Biden's weaknesses.

Vladimir Putin taunted Biden on Friday, telling him "we'll talk soon" after the 78-year-old president slipped as he was trying to speedily climb the airstairs to the presidential aircraft.

Miller, 35, a former senior adviser to Donald Trump, told Fox News: "They are openly mocking us. They are mocking President Biden. 

"It's humiliating and that is compounded by the fact when you have a commander-in-chief who is 'not home' and not there.

"You'll have embarrassing episodes like what happened in Alaska where China dared to lecture us on human rights. 

"The president is not home. Other countries see that weakness and they are pouncing and we are all less safe."

Conservative commentator Candace Owens chimed in on the incident, claiming Biden's mental health made him trip.

Owens tweeted: "It’s difficult to fall 3 times while going up a flight of steps.

"Managing to make your left shoulder blade hit the carpet in the process is rarely accomplished – even in a game of Twister

"Biden has dementia but let’s wait for CNN to tell us this is just another adorable gaffe!"

She added: "Climate change, guys. Climate change is to blame for Biden’s fall. Now stop talking about it!"

Late last year, Biden was seen wearing his typical navy blue suit with a cast on his right foot outside The Queen theater in Delaware.

He appeared at the venue in Wilmington to formally unveil his six-person economic team, a core group that includes veterans from previous Democratic administrations and historic firsts.

Biden was forced to wear the protective boot for "several weeks" after x-rays revealed a "hairline fracture" in his foot.

Journalists assigned to Biden first revealed the injury.

Biden's tumble on the stairs is the latest of many gaffes that eagle-eyed Americans have spotted.

During a press conference touting the Covid-19 vaccine rollout on Thursday, Biden, 78, experienced a slip of the tongue about his second-in-command.

"The hardest hit and suffered the most especially black, latino, native american, and rural communities," he began

Biden went on to say that he believed that efficiency had to be met with "fairness" before the gaffe.

"President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona not long ago," he said after a brief pause.

"One of the nurses on that tour injecting people giving vaccinations said that each shot was like administerig a dose of hope

Biden didn't acknowledge his mistake and went on to explain the benefits of the vaccine rollout.

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