TSA confiscates dead baby shark at Syracuse airport security

Here’s an air travel tip, read the rules before trying to put Jaws in your carry-on luggage.

A passenger found that out the hard way, when the person tried to bring a dead baby shark onto a plane in a container in Syracuse — and was refused because the fish was submerged in an “unknown chemical,” the TSA said Friday.

“Due to the chemical nature of and quantity of the liquid, it was not allowed on the plane,” TSA rep Lisa Farbstein posted on Twitter, along with a photo of the sharking discovery.

Farbstein told The Post the traveler would have had more luck transporting the man-eating fish in a transparent container of water, per TSA rules.

The dead fish “was surrendered to TSA and treated as a container of hazardous liquid for proper disposal,” Farbstein said.

The TSA said the incident occurred “recently,” but did not provide an exact date.

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