UFO-like infamous 'Tic Tac' probed by Pentagon 'spotted over UK before shooting off in ‘blink of an eye'

STUNNED Brits claimed to have spotted a UFO similar to the infamous 'Tic Tac' allegedly seen by US Navy pilots.

Lucy Jane Castle, swore she saw the craft matching the description of the USS Nimitz UFO encounter hovering over Leicestershire.

She took a photo of the craft before it shot away "in the blink of an eye" last Sunday at 9pm.

The nutritionist, of Hinckley, said: "It was hovering for a while and within a blink of an eye it had gone.

"Never seen anything like this before in that shape. Quickly took a picture while it was very still and within a blink of an eye it disappeared."

She posted the puzzling snap on the UK UFO sightings group on Facebook.

Brian Jessop replied: "They are known as Tic Tac UFOs (shaped like a Tic Tac sweet). These are the commonly seen UFOs now."

Roni Daniel said: "It almost looks like the Tic Tac UFOs we have been hearing so much about."

And Chris Summerz quipped: "Looks like Red Dwarf has finally made it home."


The sweetie-shaped UFO looks strikingly similar to the object spotted by two US Navy pilots over the Pacific Ocean in 2004.

Commander Dave Fravor and Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich recently spoke to CBS News' 60 Minutes about the harrowing experience off the coast of San Diego, California.

US Navy Commander David Fravor was one of two pilots from the USS Nimitz on a routine training mission when he spotted an object "shaped like a 40ft Tic Tac sweet".

They were about 100 miles out to sea when their F/A – 18 fighters were diverted to check out an aircraft spotted on radar from another ship, the cruiser USS Princeton.

The UFO first appeared at 80,000ft, then hurtled towards the sea, stopping at 20,000 feet and hovering before dropping out of radar.

When Commander Fravor arrived, he saw a white aircraft hovering 50 feet above a disturbance in the ocean.

Describing the UFO, he said: "It had no wings. So you think, 'okay, it's a helicopter', but there's no rotor wash in the water, there's no rotors and when helicopters move from side-to-side they're kind of slow then pick up speed going the other way.

"This was extremely abrupt – like a ping pong ball bouncing off a wall. It would hit and go the other way and change directions at will.

"Then the ability to hover over the water then start a vertical climb from zero up to about 12,000ft and then accelerate in less than two seconds and disappear is something that I've never seen in my life."

The Pentagon is due to release a report into “unidentified aerial phenomena” to Congress this month.

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