UK weather forecast: Thunderstorm and flood warning issued before weekend heatwave

The Met Office have warned of a continued risk of flooding despite temperatures reaching highs 24 degrees Celsius. Torrential rain will batter Britain making for miserable conditions on the roads. The pollen count is also forecast to be high, leading to misery for asthma sufferers. Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “We are expecting further thunderstorms during Wednesday that could cause some problems after what’s been a very wet month so far.

“Continued risk of flooding in some areas and torrential downpours certainly making some travelling conditions difficult throughout the day.

“The pressure chart doesn’t look all that intimidating but we’re offering up warmer more humid air from France and in this zone heavy thunder and downpours are already developing.

“Thundery showers will be hit and miss so not everywhere in this yellow warning area will see the torrential rain but there is a potential in this zone for some problems certainly some pretty miserable conditions.”

There will be a lot of spray and surface water because it’s been so wet and the ground is saturated.

A continued risk of flooding is still in place while lightning strikes are also likely.

Mr Deakin added: “It’s a wet start for the bulk of the Midlands eastern parts of England.

“Not everywhere will see the torrential rain as I said somewhat hit and miss and further west and north of rain will be light and patchy in nature.

“Over northern England and Wales we should start with some sunshine for parts the east of Northern Ireland the central path.

“Nevertheless some sunshine on offer whereas sunshine in short supply for the bulk of England and Wales and the likelihood of further heavy downpours pushing up across northeast England.”

Temperature will reach highs of 18 across Wales and southwest England.

While east Anglia will see 24 degrees Celsius.

Mr Deakin added: “In the southeast bit of sunshine here could spark some further thunderstorms later in the afternoon and into the evening but skies brightening for Wales southwest England and northwest England.

“The showers fading across Scotland and Northern Ireland leading into perhaps a bit of a chilly night on Wednesday night.

“It’s a cool day on Thursday a mixture of sunshine and yes, more showers but the showers won’t be as intense as the ones we’re gonna see through Wednesday.

“Still more showers to come it’s far from dry and settled until perhaps we get to Friday low pressure controlling things.”

He added that the yellow weather warning will stay in force for most of the day.

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