UK’s only hitwoman still baffles experts 30 years after bartender, 25, shot man

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The odd case of Britain's first and only hitwoman continues to baffle experts nearly 30 years after the 25-year-old walked up to a roofer and shot him in the face in a hospital.

Popular bar worker Te Rangimaria Ngarimu had no criminal history when she accepted £7,000 to execute 38-year-old Graeme Woodhatch.

She was working in a bar in Camden, north London, when her pal asked her to "knock him off".

Ngarimu, who held degrees in Chemistry and Physics, only received £1,500 and quickly fled to her home country before claiming her Christian faith made her face up to her crime.

Two years after the killing in May 1992, the Old Bailey heard how she slipped out of Hampstead’s Royal Free Hospital after pulling the trigger four times, remaining undetected by wearing men's clothes.

She had grown close to Deith Bridges while working with him at The Caernarvon Castle, where he had got to know Paul Tubbs, the junior business partner of her hit.

Nagrimu, a Maori woman who had represented New Zealand in international surfing competitions and spoke fluent Japanese, tearfully told the jury: "I had my hand on the gun and took off the safety catch.

“I was pacing up and down, deciding whether to do it or not.

"Then something just snapped and I did it. There were four shots, but I remember pulling [the trigger] only once. That shot him in the face.”

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Woodhatch had threatened to kill a female member of staff at his and Tubbs' company after he reported his suspicions over £50,000 which had gone missing from its accounts to the police.

Nagrimu killed him having bottled her hit a day earlier when she couldn't find him at the hospital.

Her accomplices and co-defendants were arrested shortly after but she fled to New Zealand, where she returned after being released from her life sentence.

Earlier this year criminology professor David Wilson, who was part of a major study into Britain's hitmen which found they cost as little as £200, said the case still baffled him.

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He wrote in the Daily Record: "I didn’t really think much more about the case until the beginning of this month when, through one of my former PhD students, I received the biography of a personal trainer, 'T Ngarimu' from the Fit Futures Academy, which has offices in Auckland and Christchurch.

"And there is 'T' smiling happily for the camera and describing how 'as far as she can remember I have always been active, whether it be playing bullrush at school or playing various sports socially or competitively'.

"'T' says that the sports industry has allowed her to 'grow and to be the person that I am today'."

He added: "No mention is made that she had served a sentence for murder. So should I think of this as a success story?

"Or, should I continue to worry that we still don’t know what it was that 'just snapped' when 'T' pulled the trigger that killed Graeme?

"I’m still not certain how to answer these questions and so all I can say with confidence is that 'T' continues to make me confused."

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