Warning issued over ‘Bigfoot-like creature’ on the prowl after 100s of reports

Hundreds of sightings of a Bigfoot-like creature have been reported in upstate New York, with one man claiming his family was troubled by the beast for years.

Author Bruce Hallenbeck says his cousins and grandma have all had harrowing experiences with the so-called Kinderhook creature, a large, partially human beast said to have reddish-brown fur and blood-curdling screams.

Hallenbeck says his grandma has seen the creature rummaging through her rubbish and that his cousin has also spotted the beast, leaving him petrified.

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"He said that he had seen these three creatures walking across the creek and he said they were walking on two legs," Hallenbeck told the Sun.

"They had reddish brown hair and they were making clicking and grunting noises."

The writer added that the beast would terrorise his family with its horrifying screeches – but although he's never seen the creature himself, he said he didn't believe it was dangerous.

"I think it's scary because it makes a horrible sound, and I think it's scary only in the sense that it's unknown," he added.

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Hallenbeck said the beast bothered his family for a long time, but sightings in his area are becoming less and less common.

The paranormal enthusiast now believes the elusive creature may have migrated south of Kinderhook to Dutchess County, where he says more of sightings of the creature are now being reported.

He explained the Hudson Valley area, where Kinderhook and Dutchess County are located, is known for its sightings of mythical beasts like the Kinderhook creature.

And the dedicated Facebook group Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley, can attest to the claim, with more than 5000 members sharing their own Bigfoot experiences.

In a post, one cryptid hunter described discovering giant footprints in fresh snow and hearing mysterious noises.

"Two nights after we were there, the man heard heavy bipedal footsteps walking on his front porch and a loud bang," the post read.

Hallenback, a firm believer in the bizarre creature, has now written a book documenting his experiences.

The Kinderhook Creature and Beyond: A Personal Reminiscence not only describes his family's encounters with the hominid, but also sees him recount close encounters with aliens and ghosts.

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