Watch: Car park swallows up Hyundai after heavy rain

In 2021 the earth is not just angry, sending storms and pandemics to test us, it is also hungry, eagerly devouring the automobiles that plague it with pollution.

Viral video from India shows her appetite in action as a Hyundai is seen disappearing into the ravenous bowels of the earth.

Or, after heavy rain, a sinkhole opened up in car park built foolishly over an old well.

The incident occurred this past weekend in Mumbai, with the Times of India reporting that the well was covered only by a cement slab.

“A portion of a well had been covered using reinforced concrete and was being used as a parking space,” an official told The Times.

“Due to excessive rainfall over the past few days and probably the weight of the vehicle, the concrete portion caved in around 9am.”

It is believed that the lights on the rear of the vehicle switched on due to a short circuit as the car was sucked beneath the water.

The car was later recovered from the well, intact but very soggy.

India is currently in monsoon season and Mumbai has been beset by heavy rain in recent days.

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