WATCH: Police chase SUV onto Los Angeles airport runway

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Video shows a wild chase in which police pursued a man in an SUV onto the runway of a Los Angeles airport as planes were preparing to take off and land nearby.

It happened Friday morning at busy Van Nuys Airport. The motorist was taken into custody.

As a news chopper from Fox 11 Los Angeles recorded the action, a news anchor tells a colleague: “I have seen a lot of pursuits in my time and this is a first for me. I kind of don’t have words but again it is 2020 and we would expect that even the pursuits would take a bizarre turn.”

Airport police told the station that the motorist breached security at a construction site near the airport grounds. 

Police said the motorist was rambling about the "federal government" and "Mexican drug cartels."

At times, the person behind the wheel could be seen sticking his hands out of the sunroof.

Police tried to bring the SUV to a stop several times using special driving maneuvers.


The 20-minute chase came to an end when the driver crashed into a fence.

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