We were about to embalm 'dead woman' when she opened her eyes, got up and walked out the building

A GROUP of medical students fled in horror after a "dead woman" they were about to embalm suddenly opened her eyes, got up and walked out of the morgue, it is reported.

The anatomy students from the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Nigeria were about to do an embalming class on the woman, according to local reports.

It is alleged the students noticed the woman moving after she had supposedly been stripped naked for the class to begin.

She suddenly opened her eyes, sat up, climbed off the table and walked out of the morgue, AtinkaNews reports.

The shocked students reportedly fled outside as the naked woman walked over the grass – clearly confused about where she was and how she had ended up there.

It is said none of the worried students offered her help or provided her with clothes.

Instead, one of them grabbed their phone and recorded the bizarre scene as the woman walked in a bemused state across the grass outside the building, with the shocked students seen backing away in horror.

The woman, who has not been identified, had been dropped off at the morgue by her family after she was confirmed dead, according to AtinkaNews.

Local media reports have not confirmed the woman's supposed cause of death.

The bizarre footage of the woman was widely shared on social media.

Many people pointed out that whoever declared her to be dead did not do a very good job.

One said: "She was a woman in a coma, not a dead woman!"

It's not clear what action will be taken by the authorities over the alleged incident.

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