Who is Eric Holder and why did he kill Nipsey Hussle?

GANG member Eric Holder was accused of shooting rapper Nipsey Hussle dead on March 31 2019.

But who is Eric holder and why has he been accused of gunning the singer down in cold blood?

Who is Eric Holder?

Eric Holder was a member of the same gang as Nipsey Hussle. He has been accused of killing Nipsey.

They were both part of the gang known as the Rollin’ 60s, and were both aspiring rappers.

Asghedom, who went by the name Nipsey Hussle, would go on to become a hip-hop star, neighborhood legend and local hero. Holder’s music never caught on.

He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted.

He is currently asking for a reduction on his $6.5million bail after claiming he's not a danger to the public, according to reports.

According to prosecutors, Holder showed up "unannounced" to Nipsey's clothing store 'Marathon' in Los Angeles.

The two exchanged words, which "had something to do with Mr Asghedom (Nipsey) accusing Mr Holder of snitching.

Mr Holder reportedly left and then returned with a firearm. He has been accused of approaching Nipsey in the parking lot of the shop.

CCTV shows Holder appearing to fire several shots at Nipsey.

Why is Eric Holder accused of killing Nipsey Hussle?

Nipsey, whose real name is Ermias Joseph Asghedom, accused Holder of being a "snitch", which could be the reason that Holder gunned down Nipsey, according to a LA gang member.

"[Calling someone a snitch] is the worst thing you can say," says Cedric, a long-term member of a local gang. "That's a very bad statement.

"I'm killing you if you call me a snitch."

Where is Eric Holder now?

He is in jail awaiting trial after pleading not guilty.

He was arrested two days after the shooting and has since been indicted on counts of murder, attempted murder, and weapons charges.

A follow-up hearing has been scheduled for April 6.

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