Wild beast found in dog’s bed in family home before pooch shows up injured

A shocked dog-owner looked at their pet’s basket as they arrived home from work to discover that a wild lynx had taken up residence.

Nikola Zovko, the dog’s owner, told reporters that at first he thought it was just a regular domestic cat until he took a closer look and realised that it was a small lynx – commonly called a bobcat in the US.

The forest predator was “living it up like it was the Taj Mahal,” Nikola said. “It sorta…looked at me and started growling”.

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Nikola, from San Manuel, Arizona, admitted that the encounter had been "a little unnerving".

He ushered his other dogs and cats out of the room and contacted the The Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Meanwhile, he opened up all of the doors and windows in hope that the bobcat would “leave on his own”.

After a 45-minute stand-off the wild bobcat, which Nikola thinks had probably entered through a dog-flap, the beast wandered off its own.

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But it was then that he realised that one of his dogs, Squeakers, was missing.

The 10-year-old chihuahua-dachshund mix didn’t reappear until the next day. And when he did, he had serious injuries that were almost certainly the result of a disagreement with the bobcat about who was going to sleep in his bed.

“He was in pretty bad shape,” Nikola said, “he was pretty tore up”.

Squeakers had suffered deep scratch marks on his hindquarters, and Nikola rushed him to the vet.

The little dog underwent several hours of surgery, and is “very lucky to have survived”.

His vaccinations were up-to-date, but Squeakers still has to be quarantined in case he contracted rabies during his bobcat battle.

Nikola has now launched a GoFundme account to try to raise the $3,300 needed for his dog’s medical bills.

Meanwhile, he’s going to have to think about boarding up that dog-flap.

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