Woman mauled to death by seven savage dogs whilst investigating canine attacks

A Public Health department worker sent to investigate reports of a dog attack was mauled to death by the same dogs she was looking for, officials say.

Tragic Jacqueline Summer Beard's body was found by cops near the owner’s house in Alabama.

The 58-year-old had been sent to speak to Brandy Dowdy, 39, after a previous attack involving her seven hounds was reported to the Franklin County Animal Control.

Another woman is in a “serious condition” in a hospital in Mississippi from the beasts’ first attack.

Dowdy has since been charged with manslaughter by cops under Alabama’s dangerous dog law.

Records showed she was held at Franklin County Jail and cops had not set bail.

Franklin Country Sheriff Shannon Oliver told AL.com some of the dogs had already been euthanised by authorities.

According to reports, before the deadly incident Jacqueline had been to investigate on Friday morning (April 29) because she wanted to check for a risk of rabies.

A recent law signed in Alabama in March 2018 means owners of dangerous dogs can be sent behind bars if they fail to control their pets.

Emily’s Law, named in honour of late Emily Colvin, 24, who was savagely killed outside her home in Jackson County, could mean Dowdy faces time in prison.

Jacqueline, who had held her environmental supervisor role at the Alabama Department of Public Health for nearly 17 years, was praised as an “exceptional person”.

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In a statement, the department said: "She was a tremendous team worker and was loved by those who knew her.

"Summer was known to her co-workers as an exceptional person.

“The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) extends our deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and colleagues of Summer Beard, after her tragic passing.”

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