World’s richest dog worth £65m lives in Madonna’s mansion and ‘has secrets’

The world's richest dog lives the life of an A-list celebrity in the former home of pop sensation Madonna, but allegedly "has secrets".

German shepherd Gunther VI is not as clean as he seems according to a documentary filmmaker that has detailed the famed pooch's lifestyle.

Such a lifestyle has seen the canine become a high-profile oddity that resides in a mansion that once belonged to Madonna, with the £23.5million ($29million) property one of the dog's many riches.

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The "fairy tale" story is set to be detailed in the upcoming documentary Gunther's Millions, but it would appear that the "bonkers" story has some darker secrets tucked away.

Speaking of the pooch, director Aurelien Leturgie said: "The story sounds bonkers. So, naturally we were intrigued right from the start. And over the years, a lot of media have reported stories about Gunther, but this time, we were able to get unprecedented access.

"No one has gotten the kind of access we got to tell the story fully and to dig deeper."

Digging deeper found that Gunther inherited the £64.9million ($80million) fortune of countess Karlotta Liebenstein.

But the documentary alleges that Liebenstein never existed, with the pampered pup living the high life in Italy on the back of a shoddy story.

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Maurizio Mian, the friend of Countess Liebenstein's son, who died to suicide, was tasked with taking care of the pooch and has since built an empire around the pet, FoxBusiness reported of the odd fable linked to countess stories.

Leturgie said of Maurizio: "We later learned that Maurizio is very attached to the story of the countess and the son of the countess. I’m going to say these are… characters that represent something very deep to him. We had to dig deeper to understand that."

Executive producer Emilie Dumay said of Mian: "He lives between reality and fantasy. And for him, losing the story of the countess and the son was a very big hit.

"It’s something that has been with him for so long. It became part of his identity."

Leturgie added: "Every good story has secrets. But I think we’ve done everything we could to reveal everything we’ve learned."

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