‘World’s scariest haunted house’ creator may bring terrifying experience to UK

A haunted house experience in the US known for its extreme ‘torture’, could be making plans to head over to the UK.

McKamey Manor has become infamous as one of the terrifying experiences in the world with some very controversial methods that bring in thousands of people.

Creator and former Navy veteran Russ McKamey now has his sights set on bringing the experience to the UK after no one has successfully made it through the experience.

Entering McKamey Manor puts you through such intense physical and psychological torture that you need to have a doctor's note before you can enter.

Stories from what goes on inside the Tennessee experience include waterboarding, forcing people to eat and drink unknown items, and close encounters with chainsaws.

It has even been seen in the past that some willing participants have been buried alive and pulled out their own teeth during their time at the manor.

Many have also left the manor with new haircuts, both men and women, and with broken fingers.

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According to the Washington Post, every participant goes through a background check and has to sign a 40-page waiver.

The participants then have to watch a documentary that is reportedly nearly two hours long and features every person who has attempted the experience.

There is also an alleged fine in place of $500 if anyone is found swearing.

Speaking to LADbible, Russ mentioned he would be keen on a UK partnership to allow the British public to try and see if they can come through the entire experience.

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He said: “Sure it can happen, but I would have to have financial backing because it's real expensive to put a show on like this.

"I can't bring all these stunts from here to across the pond, you'd have to redesign and rebuild.

“And so there has to be a big backing in order to do something like that, but I'm all for it if it could legally be done without people trying to shut us down before we even begin.”

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He also mentioned that there had been a UK TV deal in place but it was pulled at the last minute after “haters” complained to the production team.

The show would have seen celebrities take part in the experience but would be leading towards a more “paranormal” experience.

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