WW3 alert: Russia to play crucial role in China-India conflict ‘US want no part of this!’

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WW3 fears have been raised due to the ongoing tension between China and India. Deputy director at The Asia Program, Michael Kugelman suggested Russia is confident it could benefit from intervening in the growing conflict. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Kugelman said Russia could use its intervention as a way to embarrass the US on the international stage.

He noted Russia intends to be a mediator between the two countries and reduce tensions.

Mr Kugelman said: “In terms of Russia that is a very interesting story.

“Russia has actually positioned itself as a potential mediator in this crisis.

“Russia has not tried to provoke the United States or warned the US to stay out.

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“Russia could actually stand to benefit a lot from this crisis just because it is one of the few countries of note, one of the few powerful countries that has a warm and strong relationship with both India and China.”

Mr Kugelmen went into details of what Russia could hope to gain from getting involved in this conflict.

He said: “It is not a surprise Russia would want to put itself out there as a mediator.

“It has an opportunity to build out some influence and take on a prominent role in a crisis with two significant global powers.

“By doing that it makes the US look bad in the sense that Russia could implicitly suggest that they are going out there to be a peacemaker while the US wants no role in this.”

Mr Kugelman also reflected on Russia’s confidence during the skirmishes between the two countries.

He said: “I think in that regard I think Russia’s involvement is significant.

“I don’t think Russia is threatened by what is happening.

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“I don’t think it worries about what the US may do just because the US has made it quite clear that it doesn’t want to get involved at all.”

Mr Kugelmen also noted that if tensions were to escalate between the two countries, India would be vastly outmatched by China’s military forces.

He claimed that India would then look for more covert ways of destabalising China and weakening its military with proxy attacks. 

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